VGCW Personality

Its not a tank

M1126 real
Design from: Real Life

Real Name General Dynamics M1126 Infantry Combat Vehicle
Nickname(s) Stryker,
Billed From? Canada
Company/Group? Real People
Debut 2015-07-14
12.7mm M2 Browning Machine Gun,
40mm Mk19 Grenade Launcher

Status Active
Impression Face
Biggest Ally Gary Oak
Other Allies Senator Armstrong
Biggest Enemy High Explosive Anti-Tank Shells

"We've got a tank in the crowd to shoot the bad-guys!"

APC-Chan is the nickname given to the collection of M1126 Stryker armored personnel carriers that appear around the beach arena that Season 11 of VGCW took place at.

In Real LifeEdit

The General Dynamics M1126 "Stryker" Infantry Combat Vehicle is an armored personnel carrier (APC) that has been in service with the United States Army since 2003. Contrary to what some people in chat and General Manager Gary Oak have claimed the M1126 is not a tank. In modern terms, a tank needs to have a large caliber main cannon that is used offensively, treads, and does not carry any passengers not its crew. The M1126 has only a 12.7mm machine gun or 40mm grenade launcher (used primarily defensively) as its main armament, wheels, and carries up to 9 additional passengers. That being said, there are configurations of the Stryker chassis that make it more like a main battle tank in terms of firepower and tactical role, however the M1126 which appears in VGCW still does not qualify as a tank.


Gary Oak, likely with Senator Armstrong's connection to the military-industrial complex secured a number of Strykers to protect VGCW following the incident with The Nightmare. The amount of protection they actually provide is debatable, as they are poorly equipped to handle the main threat of that had arisen at the beach: the GameShark.

Due to the fact that APC-Chan is much bigger than the ring, it's extremely unlikely we'll ever see her in a match. However Sabin Rene Figaro was able to suplex a train once so suplexing an APC is probably not too hard for someone like him, so you never know!